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What We Do

Maximum production.
Minimal involvement.
One partner throughout.


From assessing needs through operations & maintenance, we take the full process off your hands. So you meet your solar, tax and revenue goals — without getting bogged down by details.


Meet your financial, environmental, energy goals — and get utmost system value.

We conduct a comprehensive feasibility study — so you have an accurate picture of the energy yield, finances, timeframe and revenue involved before moving forward.

  • Review historic, current and future energy needs for an
    accurate analysis of utility patterns & costs
  • Conduct an electrical & structural site survey — including roof
    surface, weather data, shading analysis, and overall suitability
    for solar installation — to determine potential energy yield and
    recommended system components.
  • Run a utility feasibility assessment to ensure interconnection


Receive a custom solar plan that fulfills all your objectives — and overcomes any logistical or financial constraints.

We create a tactical solar strategy that meets all your needs & goals, and liberates you from tedious involvement throughout the process.

  • Finance: We:
    • work with your accountant to accommodate tax, loan, capital or other unique finance needs
    • assess eligibility for all available government & tax incentives
    • negotiate with lenders and involved parties for the best financial arrangement
      Result: a creative financial structure that makes solar feasible and maximizes returns.
  • Administration: We take care of permits, paperwork, bank requirements and incentive/rebate applications. So the process is swift and efficient, with minimal involvement on your end.
  • Development: We value-engineer the most cost-efficient solar solution that harnesses every measure of energy possible. So you get maximum long-term yield at minimum cost.
    Energy storage solutions available.


Continue business operations undisturbed — and get a quality solar system. On-time. On-budget.

We procure the equipment, manage utility interconnection, and plan, implement & oversee construction.

  • We source top-tier equipment and cutting-edge technology that give you more energy production with less maintenance.
  • The costs we presented are fixed — even if unexpected expenditures creep in, we’ll absorb them.
  • We incorporate the highest grade materials and pay attention to the minutest technicalities. Because it’s in the details that maximum power generation and problem-free systems are created.

Proactive O&M

Never think about your solar again — and keep harvesting the same lucrative energy yield.

We’ve got your system under 24/7 monitoring — so we’ll detect, prevent and troubleshoot issues before you’re even aware they happened.

  • We install a granular alert system — so we’re notified of any malfunctions or maintenance needs.
  • We monitor performance remotely and check in frequently to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.
  • We carry out periodic on-site visits (pre-scheduled for your convenience) for check-up and recommissioning.